When it comes to architectural fine art photographers, LLeida, Spain based shooter Emilio Ferrer is one of the world’s best. Ferrer’s award-winning photography is frequently published in the most prestigious and well-know publications throughout Spain, Italy, Germany and beyond.

Emilio’s beautifully-haunting series of architectural photographs are something to behold. Elegant lines, beautiful colors and breath-taking angles dominate Ferrer’s architectural work. As a self-taught and self proclaimed perfectionist, Emilio Ferrer specializes in Architecture and Interior Design.

His body of work also includes a series of fabulous landscape and floral photographs, all staying true to the immediately recognizable Ferrer-Style of shooting and processing. Emilio’s work represents the very high-end of fine art photography and is perfect for Interior Designer projects, office and corporate settings.




The conception of photography for Emilio Ferrer, is not only an image of the building, but also reflects the sensitivity of the space generated by the work.

At first, glance his images are presided over by light, but it is through him that he manages to show us the fluidity of planes that space contains.

The time, the clarity of the day, the orientation and the framing are fundamental to obtain the result of your photographs. Light, as a penetrating fluid, allows not only to show the opaque, the transparent and the translucent, but through the play of shadows that generates, allows to obtain from the image a fluidity of planes with different intensities. This sensitivity that Emilio has, brings to the photographed work a much deeper vision.

Josep Juanpere Miret (GCA  Architects).









Emilio has the ability to understand a work, with his gaze that easily finds the strength of buildings.
His second point is his sensitivity to find the lights generated by the works.
In the first contact with Emilio we understood that he was the right person, he seemed to have a special connection with what we were trying to transmit.
The results have been surprising. He has been able to reflect our work and creation, capturing our personality perfectly.
Erik Morvan (Architect).
Sabine Morvan (Sculptor).

Emilio, before a work of art or architecture raises a deep reflection and comes to reinterpret basic concepts of composition with an absolute domain of the third dimension.
Taking a tour with him in a sequence of spaces, enriches his creator in the same way that an experienced reader reinterprets a literary work, in dialogue with its author.
It makes you rethink original ideas, forgotten during construction work or indicates points of view of space, that even you had not raised. I would say that he is a great interpreter of an instrument that dominates perfectly, which is his camera. The coherence in the sequence and the rhythm of images in their spatial interpretations, recreate a visual harmony, that to recognize it, it is necessary to return to observe with your eyes the original work of art, your work is a work of art that becomes independent of the object original, recreating it in a magical reality, new and different. From this a kaleidoscope of specular images is created that places us in a different and optimized reality.
Emilio, I think you're the best!
José Luís Eijo (Architect).





The hallmark of Ferrer’s work is his skillful analytic eye that seeks out the essence of architectural form and its plasticity.  Strong and clear, he manages to find subtleties and nuances in their materials and brings them to light. The compositional clarity of the photographs is a consequence of sorting out the visual puzzle, capturing its spirit with confidence and speed. 

Sophia Gruzdys (Architect).

Senior Lecturer, University of Southern California.

Critic in architectural design in the School of Architecture at Yale University.


Able to capture the light just and accurate at every moment, Emilio Ferrer is the photographer who knows how to enhance and reinterpret the architectural work in its full magnitude.
The clarity of its images has a lot to do with the cleanliness of the Empordà landscape, swept by the north wind and the composition of its images is always proportionate and precise.
All this is the result of its special sensitivity to mix through its obturator, the light-dark that architecture always gives us.
Àngel Lapedra (Architect).

I have known Emilio Ferrer for a long time. I have had the occasion since then to enjoy some reports that he has made of my work, and of multiple conversations that we have had occasion to have.
I have always valued his work, the intensity with which he develops it, his precision in the choice of day and time. He is a good connoisseur of our landscape, its light, its relationship with the season of the year. You have to think that a good part of his life has been dedicated to the field and its cultivation.
His work is not that of a tourist passing by, Emilio lives near Lleida, in Tornabous, and understands and makes us understand with his photos, the sun's path, the orientation, our changing landscape, its color and ultimately with his photography introduces us to a changing atmosphere, throughout the seasons. Enjoy photographing the instruments of the farming of the field, harvesters, tractors, like large monumental sculptures like Stabile de Calder, appear as large sculptures in movement, in the landscape. The slender trees like figures of Giacometti, nude or populated, silent or agitated by the wind, or the bales of alfalfa that rest in the territory once cut. His inspiration is close, as the painter Hernández Pijuán found in his landscape of the Segarra, his source of inspiration.
In my case, several works dedicated to my work as an architect, have allowed his photographs to become a very close and correlative look, his different points of view, his perspectives, the constructive detail, materials, their textures, they are discovering a new vision, which in itself is difficult to appreciate.
I would like to highlight between the moments of the day in which Emilio works, that dedicated to sunset, I think this is where he enjoys the most, a short time that passes from day to night, a precise moment that has to be sought and prepared to be immortalized, so his photographs find just that time.
Julio Mejón (Architect).