Emilio Ferrer was born in Barcelona.

Free-lance photographer, lover of natural light, self-taught and perfectionist, specializes in photography of Architecture, Interior Design, Houses, and Hotels.

His photographs are the consequence of his artistic sensibility and love of natural light. He currently lives in the Lleida countryside, surrounded by changing shapes, textures, colors, sounds and lights, which develop an artistic sensibility inside him, committed to beauty.


I have worked, among others, with the following magazines: CASA & CAMPO, Vivir en el Campo, WOMAN, ON, PROYECTO CONTRACT, Diseño Interior, La Vanguardia, El País, Lunwerg Editores, CASA VIVA, Hogares, LA PISCINA, BAN&COC, CASA y JARDIN, CASA VOGUE, COUNTRY HOMES, GAP CASA Classico, CASE DI CAMPAGNA, LA MIA CASA, SPAZZIO CASA, INTERNI, Brava Casa, CASA OGGY, CASE DI CAMPAGNA, DI BAIO EDITORE, VILLE GIARDINI, CASA99IDEE, Wohn!Design, RAUM&WOHNEN, Häuser, CASA DECO, Country Homes, DECORS, Elite Traveler and KAZZA.


I received the Gold LUX Award and the Silver LUX Award for Architecture photography, granted by the AFP (Professional Photographers Association of Spain).


  • “Photographic spring” exhibit at the AFP of Barcelona.
  • Photography exhibit at the Regional Museum of Urgell-Tarrega (Lleida).
  • Photography exhibit at the Art Gallery of the Santes Creus monastery. Tarragona
  • Art photography exhibit at the Indecor gallery in Lleida.
  • Architecture photography workshop taught at the AFP of Barcelona.

My most personal side:

I was born in Barcelona on a hot August day. Maybe this experience made me love heat and hate cold.

I consider myself passionate, sensitive and generous.

I live in the countryside and love Nature and animals.

I am moved by aesthetic and beauty.

I am a perfectionist and critical with my work.

Dark chocolate is my weakness.


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